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Detail on IBO Reference: 538

This organ is located in the diocese or region of Church of the Incarnation RC Church, Tombae, Banffshire. The original builder was James Conacher, Huddersfield, September 1896 and the last known carer was Conacher. There is no evidence of recent tuning or maintenance. Despite this the organ is largely functional and well in tune with the exception of regulation of the Swell Oboe. A couple of Oboe resonators have collapsed and would benefit from restoration. A few wind leaks to the Swell may be the cause of deficient speech; basic maintenance, cleaning or modest overhaul should rectify this. Three years ago these shortcomings were not apparent. .The organ was first listed by the IBO on 2017-03-01.

Location : Scotland

Offered As : Complete

Action(s) : Tracker throughout

Approximate Dimensions : Height 13' to top of central facade pipe, Width 9', Depth 9' (including pedalboard and stool).


Manual IV : n/a
Manual III : n/a
Manual II : Violin Diapason, Salicional 8, Oboe 8
Manual I : Open Diapason 8, Dulciana 8, Stop Diapason 8, Principal 4.
Pedals : Bourdon 16
Couplers : S/G S/P G/P

Detail : This is a completely unaltered James Conacher, dating from September 1896. It is recorded in Musical Opinion of September 1896, p. 828. It is housed in a free-standing case in pristine condition with scarcely a blemish. The pipe facade is decorated in Conacher's style. The organ is hand-blown only; there has never been an engine or electric motor. The tone is excellent and refined; despite the small number of stops, the organ sings well in this building and could give a good lead to singing in a similar church elsewhere. BIOS Grade 1 certificate.

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