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Detail on IBO Reference: 548

This organ is located in the diocese or region of Ogbourne St George, Wiltshire. The original builder was Thought to be the work of George Maydwell Holdich and the last known carer was unknown. The instrument and pipework have been well cared for and are basically in good condition. Metal pipes are cone tuned and the tops of some pipes have suffered natural damage from tuning. The organ is currently unplayable. whilst the feeders are working, and by fast pumping it is possible to produce sounds, the bellows do not lift. It is possible that the non-return valve is faulty..The organ was first listed by the IBO on 2017-07-12.

Location : Wiltshire

Offered As : Complete

Action(s) : mechanical

Approximate Dimensions : 4' 2.5" x 2' 0.25" x 7' 3.5" (w x d x h)


Manual IV : n/a
Manual III : n/a
Manual II : n/a
Manual I : Stop Diapason Bass, Open Diapason (tenor g), Stop Diapason Treble, Principal
Pedals :
Couplers : Dia-Octon

Detail : The organ was built for Faringdon Congregational Church in Oxon, possibly following alterations made to hte building in 1852. It was probably removed from the church in the late 1880s but certainly before 1918 and was acquired by the uncle of the current owner. Since then is has been successively housed ion three different private residences before its current home. Two feeders, operated by foot pedals, situated below the reservoir which is across the bottom of the organ. The player pumps the organ as if playing a harmonium

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