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Detail on IBO Reference: 559

This organ is located in the diocese or region of St Pauls Church, St Albans , Herts. The original builder was essentially William Martin Hedgeland and the last known carer was Ralph Arnold of Orpington 1969 when it was rebuilt and re-arranged. A consortium made tonal modifications in 1975. .The organ was first listed by the IBO on 2017-12-06.

Location : Hertfordshire

Offered As : Complete instrument only

Action(s) : pneumatic

Approximate Dimensions : facade 6.1metres, 4m deep, 5.6m high. The console is 1.66m across, 1.22m deep and 1.245 high


Manual IV : n/a
Manual III : n/a
Manual II : Swell Organ C-a3, 58 notes, but soundboards have only 56 notes Lieblich Gedact 8 Source unknown, 1969; probably pipes by JJ Binns Principal 4 ? Old Swell stop? Flute 4 Stopped wooden, 1877 or earlier; some later pipes Fifteenth 2 marked Ch Prin Larigot 1 source unknown; 1969; top notes newer; formerly 2 Mixture 29.33.36 IIIrks Recast 1975; some old, some Walker, some newer Double Trumpet 16 Extended from 8, bass 12 pipes new 1969 Trumpet 8 Old Horn rank (1877) re-voiced by Keith Bance, 1983 Clarion 4 Extended from 8
Manual I : Great Organ C-a3, 58 notes, but soundboards have only 56 notes Double Open Diap. 16 Speechly 1911, Zinc, facade Open Diapason 8 Probably Speechly, 1911, part zinc Stopped Diapason 8 ink markings; pre 1850? Marked Swell; pipes are by four different makers Dulciana 8 Date uncertain Principal 4 1877? Harmonic Flute 4 bass 1877; treble Speechly 1911? Old Keraulophon Twelfth 2 1877? Fifteenth 2 1877 top notes newer (Walker) Tierce source unknown; formerly Larigot Mixture IVrks Re-ordered 1975 from Sw and Gt pipes; some older pre- material; re-scaled Trumpet 8 Re-voiced Rogers of Leeds, 1980; new harmonic treble. New bass pipe Swell reeds on Great Double Trumpet 16 From Swell Trumpet 8 From Swell Clarion 4 From Swell
Pedals : Pedal Organ C-f1, 30 notes Resultant Bass 32 Derived; Open Wood 16 Hedgeland/Nicholls? Violone 16 Speechly; same stop as Gt Open Diap 16 Bourdon 16 Contains some old Gt and Sw stopped pipes Principal 8 Derived from Gt Open Diap 16 Bass Flute 8 Derived from Bourdon unit Twelfth 5 Derived, 1969 from Bourdon unit Fifteenth 4 Derived from Gt Open Diap 16 Swell reeds on Pedal Double Trumpet 16 From Swell Trumpet 8 From Swell (see notes below) Clarion 4 From Swell
Couplers : Great to Pedal Swell to Pedal Swell to Great Swell Octave Swell Sub-octave Swell Unison off Accessories Complement of pistons and reversibles

Detail : We would very much like this organ to have a new home. It has served us well down the years but it has now been made redundant. No charge will be made for the organ, (the organ pipes, case including the facade of large zinc parts and console). We would look for the recipient to be responsible for all costs involving dismantling and removal. 1) Ideally we would seek it to be relocated as a whole instrument directly off the site. 2) If that is not achievable, we would want someone (eg an individual or an organ redundancy company) to remove it and store it for a future owner to be found. 3) If that proves impossible then it would be available for re-use of its parts. Specification Nicholls c.1820 Built for St Peter's Brighton Hedgeland 1877 Rebuilt for St Peter's Brighton Wedlake 1880 Cleaned and overhauled Hill &Son 1890 Cleaned and overhauled Speechly 1911 Moved to St Paul's Speechly 1934 Cleaned and overhauled With Consortium 1975 Tonal modifications 1977/8 Remedial work to soundboards 1980/3 Reeds revoiced

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