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David Jones Contact : David Jones

11 Linga Lane      Bassingham   Lincolnshire  LN5 9LD
Phone : 01522 788710   Email :  Website :

  • Tuning & Maintenance : Yes  (last inspected 2014)
  • Cleaning & Overhaul : Yes (last inspected 2014)
  • Rebuilding :   
  • Historic Restoration :  
  • New Organ Construction :  
  • Specialist Supplier :  

Workshop Facilities : Sufficient room to releather bellows, soundboards etc. Usual woodworking tools.

Number of Staff : 1

Services Offered : Cleanings, overhauls and a tuning & maintenance service.

Examples of Work Inspected : Examples included a thorough cleaning including the re-stencilling of front pipes and the releathering of a double-rise reservoir.

Inspectors Noted : Inspectors noted a sympathetic approach in overhauling a virtually unplayable organ, neat wiring work and good tuning standards.

Organ(s) available for Hire? : No