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Detail on IBO Reference: 581

This organ is located in the diocese or region of In storage, originally from St Paul's Highmoor (within Oxford diocese). The original builder was Wm Hedgeland and the last known carer was Not known. The organ is in reasonable condition - was in playing order when dismantled.The organ was first listed by the IBO on 2018-09-06.

Location : Oxfordshire

Offered As : Complete or for scrap

Action(s) : Tracker

Approximate Dimensions : 6' 6" wide depth 52" plus 30" for console height 10'


Manual IV : n/a
Manual III : n/a
Manual II : n/a
Manual I : Stop'd Diapason 8 Clarabella 8 Dulciana 8 Viol di Gamba 8 Gemshorn 4 Oboe 8 Open Diapason 8 Principal 4
Pedals : Sub Bass Ped 16
Couplers : Manual to Pedal

Detail : One manual instrument. Viol di Gamba draws Dulciana when drawn with Voix Celeste on paper label above Viol di Gamba stop.The organ has been professionally taken down and stored.

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