Please Use a Contract!



In 2000 the IBO released a standard format agreement for use by organ builders and their clients.

It had been the case that, despite many good intentions, all too frequently organ projects were embarked upon without the structure and understanding given by a formal contract. Many companies will doubtless offer their own formats, but the IBO standard contract provides a means for all projects to enjoy these benefits.

The IBO standard format agreement has been compiled, reviewed and checked for legal implications and supercedes any previous industry paperwork. Also available is the IBO's standard format Tuning Contract.

Sample copies can be downloaded freely in PDF format using the link below. Printed useable copies are available to purchase through the IBO webstore for a nominal fee of GBP£10.00 although any IBO Business Member engaged in your project should be able to provide you with a correctly customised copy for use. If in any doubt, please ask your organ builder or contact the IBO directly.

It must be noted that this document is subject to copyright and any modification or alteration will require the prior agreement and endorsement of the IBO. The only possible exception to this is the striking through of inapplicable clauses.

Sample Copy of the IBO Standard Format Contract


Sample Copy of the IBO Standard Format Tuning Contract


Purchase a usable copy of the IBO Standard Format Contract