The IBO Register of Accredited Business Members


This is the online register, presenting information for those accredited companies in the UK who are currently active within the profession of organ building. The Register is fully searchable from the Accreditation pull-down menu, or by using the 'Quick Search' links to the left.

We do encourage you to explore the types of accreditation and inspection criteria given in the 'Category Info' sections left. This is necessary to gain a full understanding of the procedures we adopt in producing the Register, which does include visits to workshop premises.

As might be expected, the range and style of work undertaken by different builders varies widely, as does the experience and facilities they may have to call upon. The Institute does not make judgments on the artistic style and approach adopted by different members, nor on such matters as the type of mechanism or voicing style they prefer. The criterion is that the member should be able to undertake the range of work covered by the accreditation, with competence and honesty - whether that be simple tunings, or building large new organs.

Please bear in mind that the categories do not always include every service offered by the particular builder. This is normally because examples of such work were not offered for inspection. The builder may aspire to such work but has not yet had the opportunity to demonstrate his abilities in this area; or perhaps examples have been undertaken but were not completed within our inspection intervals. The responsibility of selecting an appropriate builder for a given task must always be with the customer, who is strongly advised to examine examples of the builders' work and to speak to the clients concerned.

Supplier Members are also listed from the 'Accreditation' pull-down menu above and, while not inspected in the same manner, are accepted into the Institute only at the approval of the Board who will have researched their decision.

We also draw your attention to the Professional Member Ethical Code link (left) setting out the standards to which Businesses, Associates, Individuals and Suppliers aspire.

The Institute hopes that you will find this on-line Register to be of invaluable assistance in successfully achieving your pipe organ project or research. A printed record of the IBO Register is also contained in the pages of the Institute's annual publication Organ Building.