Other Organisations That May be of Interest


Other Organisations

Although by no means an exhaustive list, the following organisations may be related to your interest in the IBO. A brief description is included however the IBO is not responsible for content not hosted on its own site. Should you feel your own organisation should be represented here, please contact the Administrator with any relevant details.

The Royal College of Organists


The Royal College of Organists (RCO) is a charity and membership organisation dedicated to the promotion and advancement of organ playing and choral directing to anyone who is interested to learn. The College provides ongoing training and support for organists and choral directors of all ages and levels of attainment, be they students, amateur musicians or experienced professionals, working in church, concert hall, college, or classroom. The College's qualifications are held by many and are recognised worldwide as a measure of achievement and distinction.

The Association of Independent Organ Advisers


The Association of Independent Organ Advisers (AIOA) is a specialist organisation of accredited professionals. Formed in 1996, it provides professional services through its individual members who are the subject of an accreditation process. These services exceed the voluntary remit of the Diocesan Organ Adviser for anyone in need of truly independent assistance with organ projects of any size.

Church Care


Church Care is the Church of England’s national resource, adding value from the centre to support over 16,000 parish churches and 42 cathedrals. It provides support to all those in parishes, dioceses and cathedrals caring for their buildings today and for the enjoyment of future generations. The guidance provided on the Faculty System may be of particular insterest.

The British Institute of Organ Studies


The British Institute of Organ Studies(BIOS) exists to encourage and promote the study of the pipe organ, its history and design, and to increase appreciation and understanding of its music by both organists and the general public. The society serves effectively as the amenity society for the British organ and lobbies Government, English Heritage and other national bodies on behalf of the instrument and operates its own scheme of certification for instruments it considers to be of note.

The National Pipe Organ Register


The National Pipe Organ Register (NPOR) contains details of some 31,000 organs including 10,000 pictures and 260 sound recordings which form the Historic Organ Sound Archive where music suitable for the period when the organ was built is available.

The Incorporated Society of Organ Builders


The Incorporated Society of Organ Builders (ISOB) was formed in 1947 and exists as an organisation for individual organ builders and their companions with the aim of advancing the science and practice of organ building.

The Friends of Cathedral Music


The Friends of Cathedral Music (FCM) is a charitable organisation that aims to safeguard the heritage of cathedral music, to increase public knowledge and appreciation of that heritage and tradition, to encourage high standards in choral and organ music and to raise money by subscriptions, donations and legacies for choirs in need.