The Inter-denominational Register of Voluntary Advisers


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This Register of appointed Organ Advisors gives details of those serving various denominations across the UK. Each denomination will have its own particular method and practice but, in general terms, an Organ Advisor will be providing assistance and advice to a larger regional group (in the case of the Church of England known as a Diocesan Advisory Committee) who will in turn make their recommendation to the relevant authority. This advice is distinct from that offered by the Association of Independent Organ Advisers (AIOA) in that it is procedurally required by the faculty system and not necessarily directed toward theparish. Such a role is carried out by volunteers not typically supported by professional indeminity and who have varying experience in practical aspects of organ building. The Church of England has published guidelines for the role of a Diocesan Organ Advisor. Importantly these explain what you can and cannot expect from a Diocesan Organ Advisor and some circumstances when an independent organ consultant should be considered.

On the right you will see pulldown boxes listing the region, district or diocese within each denomination currently having an organ advisor available. Please bear in mind that if you make contact with an advisor they may, in the first instance, need to refer you to their regional group depending on your enquiry.

Additional Information by Denomination

The Methodist Church divides the UK among its Organ Advisors by graphical location, known as Districts. There is nothing to prevent a Methodist Advisor from one District working in another providing that the church concerned is prepared to pay necessary travelling expenses. The search option on the right is by those districts.

Currently we do not have information available for the Roman Catholic Church and the Baptist Church. We are also hoping to expand the detail for the United Reformed Church in the near future.


If you are considering work on your pipe organ (or indeed other areas of your church), please read the important general guidance on the need to obtain a Faculty for work under the Help to Buy section. This is particularly relevant within the Church of England but does relate also, at least in principal, to other denominations.