The IBO's Arbitration Service


It is recognised that the ‘insurance’ of the IBO’s impartial arbitration process is a factor in the appointment of an accredited IBO Business Member to undertake work on an organ - there is a mechanism in place should either party feel the need to have recourse to it.

The purpose of the arbitration service is to conciliate between two parties in effecting a resolution acceptable to both, should a dispute arise. One of the reasons why IBO Business Membership is valued is that it recognises in its members a commitment to the arbitration service; any member who becomes involved in arbitration will work with the IBO to resolve the problem - a failure to act on the IBO’s recommendations may lead to suspension from the IBO Register. The service is there to protect the organ builder too; a typical case would be one of assisting a member in recovering a bad debt.

Although each case is clearly unique there is a general process, which can be outlined as follows:

1. / The IBO will only act if contacted in writing by a client/organ builder with details of the complaint and names of those involved. We will not act on a telephone complaint to the office, rumour or hearsay.

2. / Copy paperwork is requested from both parties in order that the Board has a full understanding when it comes to consider the case. Paperwork, rather than the quality of organ building work, often forms the basis of the complaint. The IBO contract was developed for the protection of both parties to avoid disputes should misunderstandings occur.

3. / If an inspection is necessary then the Board will appoint at least one inspector.

4. / The cost of the inspection will be met by the party raising the complaint e.g. a church, and the inspection will only take place once payment has been received.

5. / The inspector(s) will present the report and supporting photographs at the next Board Meeting for full discussion.

6. / The Board will then decide a course of action which will be communicated to both parties. Examples of such recommendations might range from helping an organ builder to collect an aged debt, to advising an organ builder that they need to undertake more work to complete a schedule, or even arranging a conciliation meeting chaired by a nominated IBO Board representative.

We are pleased to confirm that instances where the IBO’s arbitration service is called upon are very rare with just 11 cases since our establishment 1995.