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Aistrup & Hind Ltd Contact : Chris Hind

46 Skellingthorpe Road      Lincoln   Lincolnshire  LN6 7RB
Phone : 07980 337972   Email :  Website :

  • Tuning & Maintenance : Yes  (last inspected 2021)
  • Cleaning & Overhaul : Yes (last inspected 2021)
  • Rebuilding :  Yes (last inspected 2021)
  • Historic Restoration :  
  • New Organ Construction :  
  • Specialist Supplier :  

Workshop Facilities : New purpose-built 750sq ft workshop, neatly arranged with comprehensive machines, voicing equipment and tools, suitable for all types of restoration and new component work. A storage facility has recently been added alongside.

Number of Staff : 2

Services Offered : Tuning, overhaul and small-scale restoration work

Examples of Work Inspected : Examples included the installation of a two manual 22 stop organ by Nigel Church and the overhaul of an unaltered Father Willis with 2 manuals and 20 stops.

Inspectors Noted : The examiner noted a conscientious installation of the Church organ, with good regulation and a good level of cleaning & overhaul which bordered on the level required for an historic restoration.

Organ(s) available for Hire? : No