The IBO Reference of Pipe Organs Available for Relocation

The most accurate and central list for those looking to acquire the best for less.

A Complete List of Organs Available for Relocation

The following organs are currently available to be relocated.

Abbott and Smith, Leeds Diocese of Whitley bay Baptist Church, Tyne & Wear Read More
Henry Speechly 1889 Diocese of New Testament Church of God, Clapton, London Read More
Albert Keates of Sheffield c1920 Diocese of St Joseph's Catholic Church, Staveley, Chesterfield Read More
William Hill & Son, 1904 (Listed BIOS Grade 1) Diocese of Kilbarchan West Church (former), Kilbarchan Read More
Blackett & Howden 1894 Diocese of St George’s Church, Mickley, Nr. Stocksfield, Northumberland. Read More
F C Nicholson of Newcastle? Diocese of Rothbury United Reformed Church, Rothbury, Northumberland Read More
Forster & Andrews 1907 Diocese of Hull Central Hall (Methodist) Read More
Hill & Son Diocese of St. Peter's Church, Cowgate, Newcastle upon Tyne Read More
Bryceson Bros & Ellis 1884 Diocese of St Andrew's, Caxton, Cambridgeshire Read More
Bishop and Sons London Diocese of Crosland Hill Methodist Church, Huddersfield Read More
G. M. Holdich Diocese of St Peter's Church, Quarrendon, Aylesbury Read More
C Martin 1883, Oxford Diocese of Holy Trinity Church, Nuffield, Oxford Read More
Alfred Kirkland Diocese of Emmanuel Church, Exeter Read More
Norman & Beard 1909 Diocese of All Saints, Lymington, Hampshire Read More
Thomas J Robson (undated) Diocese of St Mary the Virgin, Henham, Essex Read More
Banfield of Birmingham Diocese of Newington Green Unitarian Church, London Read More
Conacher Diocese of St.Denys Church, Ravensthorpe, Northampton Read More
Messrs Peter Connacher Huddersfield Diocese of Christ Church, Fulwood Sheffield Read More
Abbot and Smith Diocese of St Peter's Church, Stockton-on-Tees Read More
James J Binns Diocese of St.James, Castle Eden, Co.Durham Read More
J W Walker Diocese of Nicholson & Co. factory in Malvern (previously Holy Trinity with St. Matthew, Ronkswood, Worcester) Read More